What is a Sustainable Company?

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What is a Sustainable Company?

Sustainability is really just being transparent in how you run your company. It is important to share how things are made and by whom. It is about being frugal with what you have at hand. 

Business is ultimately a service to someone or something and sustainability is the same. 

Sustainability is about being aware of what goes into a manufactured good. The materials matter and the way it is made matters. Using a humane method. 

I think sustainability is really just sharing how goods and services are being made to put it simply. 

If you go to a site it does not talk about its manufacturing of goods then they either do not know and should not be trusted or they are outsourcing to a wholesaler who may be suspected of using low-paid labor or toxic chemicals. 

Being sustainable is really about knowing more about the company and its beliefs. The accusations of greenwashing are far and wide but at least the company is making some headway in talking about being conscious of what they should be trying to better humanity.

First, we must shift to consuming less, choosing pre-loved when buying “new” and elongating the lives of the clothes we already have.

Then, there are many ways to place garments directly into the hands of their next wearers.

Such as a clothing swap, giving them away to a friend, selling them online, donating them directly to on-the-ground organizations working with people in immediate need, or upcycling them into something entirely new or recycling them with an org who can.

Remake is a great organization that has many resources for what is a sustainable company with 

The Fashion Accountability Report and the information on the brands you shop with the Directory.

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