The Vest

Work of Metamorphosis by Jon Tyson

Voila, put one on! The rest is the best vest because it feels and looks really cute. Pretty much nine out of ten times the fact that it is structured and tailored adds to the flattering silhouette and comfort. The comfort you say is Wow! How does this look so good and feel so comfortable? 

Then the brain starts thinking I can wear this to my classroom, to the store, to dinner with a few accessories like a wallet in my pocket. I can wear this to the meetings about how we are going to help? I can wear this while gardening and then out to the Gallery opening.

The “vest” in quotation marks is something people feel strongly about. They either, “No I do not like vests!” or they do. Often we get the person who doesn’t know and is skeptical until they see it can act as a versatile garment all by itself if you wear a tank top underneath just to keep it fresh. 

Or it can be worn over a t-shirt, shirt, or dress, with leggings, shorts, skirts, or pants. Some are long “bicycle” tunics that really do not need anything and can be worn all by themselves. 

Other vests are like a Merse, that’s a man purse that can hold everything especially your hands and a few tools? What tools may those be? A file, a flashlight, the clippers that snag the other clothes but add to the quality of this one because well, it can come with a SBD sewing kit. 

Our Salad Bowl Dress vest is unique, they are one-offs made from many different second hand clothes and no one has seen anything like them before. We call them Utility Vests.

What? Jean pockets sewn sideways or whichever it is? They are having an idea but not really understanding how the components go together. Patches on the front of a garment and raw edges shout “not on me”, or a mutter, different from the usual color combinations. All deterrents. From seeing the beauty in how it looks, and feels in the end, when it is upon the body.

Hanging on the hanger it has a leaning forward or back, too big or too fat, funky colors and buttons and zippers all over look. The threads hanging from many places where the Cut edge could not be sewn. 

But the appeal is in how they fit. In how functional they are when they are on. The pockets in all the unusual places, inside the back neckline, chest, and front shoulder. 

Shoulder pockets for all the things you need while in the car or on an airplane without digging in difficult places while riding or driving. 

My favorite is the good ol’ fashioned side pockets to put your hands in while standing and walking while holding things in the “drop in” pockets. We all have the mantra now, Keys, Mask, Glasses, Wallet, Meds- whatever it is, before we go out the door..

The zippers au contraire, going together so tight at first but stayed zipped only at the top or at the bottom.  A two way zipper has so much functional versatility. Cinched in, yet able to fly away with the adjustment of the zipper. 

Zen of the zipper. It is a thing, Zippers force you to relax. Unzipped from the top or unzipped from the bottom making wings for flight or rather for comfort. Get Your Dressing On! Means just try one on?

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