The kitchen counters needed something. Who am I kidding, the whole kitchen needed a gut job. Because that is not happening anytime soon, I had to do some simple renovations in the meantime. Knowing I was about to install some beautiful handmade tile backsplashes in the kitchen, with my new island, and wall of chalkboard paint, the counters had to go. 

Or use Rust-Oleum countertop paint, easy peasy, again. I cleaned the counters really well (with a dab of tsp powder) not that that ever makes a difference, haha, and applied the paint with a little 4″ High-Density Foam Paint Roller.

Rustoleum Painted Counter

Decided to paint the counters with Rustoleum Counter Paint

I am tired of grey so I chose the rosemary herb color. It turned out a pretty grey/green, and I love it.

Everyone should paint their counters if they feel like we did. “Ugh, I hate these beige gross counters and I can’t wait to get some granite or better yet bamboo!”

Bamboo countertops are a renewable resource and look very attractive. This material looks and feels like wood. However, bamboo countertops are not from wood, but from the grass. The bamboo surface is an engineered product. It is an assembly of many pieces of bamboo that are attached to form panels and board, just like how plywood is made.

Bamboo counters are the best. They are easy to take care of and your dishes will not break if they are accidentally dropped from a foot above them. 

If I had a house where I could afford the best counters I would get bamboo over granite. 

Kind of like, I would get another all over, one sheet linoleum floor rather than a hard tile, or any kind of tile kitchen floor. Since that is our next project I will write a blog about it.