The Autumn/Winter ‘21-’22 + Spring/Summer ‘22 Fashion Forecast

Repurposed Craft Chart

The Autumn/Winter ‘21-’22 + Spring/Summer ‘22 Fashion Forecast

Repurposed Craft Chart

From Magic Sourcing Trends Digital Discovery Session, 
is a validation of everything we here at SaladBowlDress stand for… 

In a few words making hand-tailored deconstructed clothing for the masses with clothing that would otherwise end up in a landfill or worse, is right on-trend. I was pleasantly surprised by how much SaladBowlDress represents all the core tenets of the forecast next year. 

The four major trends:

1. Prioritize functional Trans SEASONality (not to be confused with transsexuality)

2. Focused on refined craft

3. Promote day to night versatility 

4. Create timeless appeal with classic heritage

Seasonless versatility, multifunctional, long-lasting trend, nostalgic retro colors, textures, and it’s the same with interiors. 

Versatile work-life trends and home comforts continue to influence the materials sought. Tactile, comfortable, and performance quality plus transeasonality is a big concept going forward. 

Transeasonal is the anti-season, clothes not specifically intended for winter or summer. A trend the fashion industry has promised to make sustainable fashion.

Those transeasonal pieces in a wardrobe are essential to layer, throw on and take off in accordance with a sudden change in temperature. i.e. A dress made of a model fabric that can be layered or worn alone, a SaladBowlDress utilitarian tunic or vest.

The performance quality goes from indoors to outdoors and has smart denim or antibacterial fibers to accommodate a back-to-nature movement. 

Textile space, feel the good, easy-care, strong focus on comfort and how fabrics behave, washable, stretchable, sustainable, and how it makes me feel, as in wellness

At SaladBowlDress all our garments are washable easy-care pieces focusing on comfort.

Transparency and ecologically sound, sustainable fashion to help with climate change is a big motivator of this movement. Fabrics must be ethically sourced and manufactured. 

We want to know where, how, and who makes our clothes.

The textile story is one of many textures, soft and plush, tweeds, fleece, and a big craft element will prevail. 

Many of the textiles going forward are 100 % recyclable polyesters for durability, softness, and work well going from indoors to outdoors. Needing performance fabric Tencel-lyocell, breathable, luxurious, clean, and one hundred percent biodegradable.

31% of people in the USA have gone w/o touch all year. Looking for softness and comfort. Reiterating this idea with much more tactility, inherent stretch.

72% changed spending habits -saving money, although a lot of self-gifting is going on.

44% will continue to save money showing us their cautiousness.

*The Craft trend #upcycling is the number one hashtag on Instagram. 2.2m are making upcycled clothing, using existing materials to enhance style, not in place of it. 

The tensions around-consuming, 

There’s an aesthetic tension that’s arising that’s being driven by a key consumer desire- the desire for safety and psychological comfort. On one hand, it’s emerging through products that evoke a sense of care and love through tactility and visible craft elements. On the other hand, it is appearing in a desire for the armor that protects us through a lens of the uncertain economic landscape in technical fabrics and works from home wear that is comfortable but offers a sharper silhouette.” quote by Petah Marian, WGSN Senior Strategist, Insight

Core color palettes. Colors stay around longer. The color story for next year is more of a year around the basics: Navy’s, jade, artisanal red, yellow brass, Dark Oak, Olive Oil, Pewter, sweet coral, digital violet, see the slide.


Softer Loungy-Still femininity-adaptable- less occasion-based unbleached cotton. There are different priorities. People are going outdoors more enjoying nature. Their clothing needs to perform, smart denim(when your clothing has built-in speakers), cozy sweaters, sneakers. 

More adaptable: indoor/outdoor, layering

The stay-at-home or work-from-home(WFH) trends. Soft textures and plush polar fleece. Focusing on low maintenance easy care wovens and knit. Breathable, insulating, and cozy qualities take on the ‘less is more’ customer.

01 The first big story is called The Domestic Plush about comfort being the main driver, tapping into the Home Hub duvet comfort inspired, felt, gently milled brushed flannel, wool, napped and softened fabrics coming through for day wear, sleep, head to toe softness. Everyday opulence with vintage providence, sustainability (peace silk), and eco-conscience leather-(made from mushrooms). Dressmaking with a human touch, DIY, more romantic opulent, and ornate.

02 Second big idea is Protective Performance where a garment can act as armor increasingly fit for survival mode as in a SaladBowlDress vest with many pockets.

03 Big idea is all about repurposed craft. Hello, SaladBowlDress is the haven for consumers who are looking for unique products with repurposed fabrics, embellishments, and trims that are beautiful and spark joy, while also promoting sustainability. Honest Craft-DIY, appreciate the craft in itself. Mixing in combinations of fibers for a zero-waste approach.

Repurposed Craft Chart

Repurposed Craft is really what SaladBowlDress is all about.

04 Next, the functionality of the clothing is important. A transition around performance, cleaner well put together, color blocking, utility Drills, and heritage denim.

The WFH Uniform is an idea we at SaladBowlDress have embraced for some time that you can put on one piece that will take you from morning to evening, summer to winter, indoors to outdoors. 

A utility look remains at the forefront of the practicality-focused and built to the last agenda, updating a simple silhouette. Describe our SaladBowlDress Vest again while celebrating a casually tailored and put-together look.

05 Reconsidered Classics are smartened up, formal materials blend durability, comfort performance, and sustainable elements together to support the longevity of these new classic meet future heirloom pieces. 

Natural materials are injected with technical enhancements such as crease-free, anti-bacterial, easy-care, and climate resistance to fit seamlessly into modern lifestyles. 

Here at SaladBowlDress, we are tinkering with the idea of speaker enhancements to go with our durable materials and desire of being that heirloom piece.

This style goes across genders, and ages, using checks, stripes, and simple fabrics like unbleached cotton. Tactility wovens look like knits and knits look like wovens 

Additionally, as in times of uncertainty, consumers are looking to nostalgia to feel grounded reflected in the patterns, textiles, and colors they will seek. 

What does that mean? Garments have to work harder for us. Work-life trends looking for garments that make us feel better. We want problem-solving designs and add ons that increase the value, longevity, multifunctional aspects, good fabrics, extended life, and going from season to season, transeasonal.

SaladBowlDress has been around for almost ten years upcycling your clothes from overstuffed closets. We do not purchase clothing anywhere by the pound or at a donation center. Although we are not averse to doing that. 

Sbd vests are seasonless, easy care/washable, and loaded with comfortable versatility. Various ways to wear them indoors and out through layering, zippering, and large pockets to hold (shoes) while walking on the beach or carrying the tablet needed to brush up on the next lesson plan. We have added pockets around the neckline to hold earbuds. The vest is a kind of armor that protects us while having visible craft elements to make us feel at home.


Transeasonal Upcycled Craft Trend 

The Yes Vest is a plain front with deep side pockets.
The front of the bustier vest.
The Yes Vest is a plain front with deep side pockets.

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