What is Transeasonal Dressing

What is Transeasonal Dressing

Transeasonal Dressing – Perfect for Spring and Fall – For a year around style. 

It is a concept to reduce production of clothing and consumption of clothing. A way of dressing to save on the amount of garments needed to live a full existence. Travelers think this way a lot. How many different ways can I wear this skirt or pair of pants?

Clothing that can be layered or worn alone. Clothing that can go from day to evening, or from work to play. If we are wearing functional pieces that can change with the seasons, and the activity, we are doing really well. 

The dress codes are not as strict according to social norms going forward or in certain circles. We can set an example by wearing dresses from morning until evening and to the playground or on a long walk. Finding versatile pieces. I once made a vest with panels that folded out on my lap while eating hot dogs at a game or eating lunch on a bench or it I could use it to sit on.

In my opinion, women lawyers should wear shorts with blazers and everyone should be able to wear shorts to work, church, and out to dinner. Men should wear skirts once in a while. The Scottish kilt has made a mainstream foray here and there and I think everyone all around loves the freedom! The Indonesian wrap skirt men wear seem so effortless. The tunics of clergy get to have that sheath comfort women experience with some dresses. 

TransSeasonal fashion are pieces especially found for your sustainable wardrobe of versatile quality to last.

They are the lightweight oversized white blouse that can be worn many different ways with or without layers. 

The great pair of skorts or baggy shorts made from a durable hemp or bamboo tencel with an elastic waist. 

The boxy t-shirt of organic cotton that looks so good it can be worn with a jacket or to court. (I am obsessed with court?–It kills me. Women lawyers do not wear pants?!)  

A comfortable tailored jacket, or well made, well fitting jacket, not necessarily fitted, but made out of a fabric that looks and feels good. A tweed from recycled wool (wool is a breathable year around fabric the Arabs of the Sahara wear) , or ethically sourced linen with sustainable silk blend. 

Other basics include a thin knit shirt. The h20 heat fabric is lightweight, warm and works as an overtop or sweater and as a base layer, bought from Costco (can not be good, but is it) Read ECO/CULT article about sourcing how a fabric is made is more important than anything else. 

The h20 has a Huggy feel to excuse under garments or not too tight to add a big bra underneath. 

Always perfect jeans, I would recommend Levis but there are so many brands to research to find the ones you love. I need at least three or four pairs in my wardrobe. I am lucky enough to always run across a vintage pair of Levis that I inevitably doctor up with a higher waist band addition, some embroidery, some extra length, some side panels, some inseam panels, the list goes on and on. 

We all need one go-to jumper/sweater for year around use. My favorite is a hand me down from my daughter, -it became too big for her?  It is white on the front including the sleeves and black on the back with the perfect boxy cut straight across at the neckline producing a mock turtleneck.  It works with everything when being prepared for cold.

Check out some of these versatile dresses to inspire making one of your own with some of the unworn excess in your closet. Look closely through the blurry pictures into your imagination of waking up one morning in April wearing one of these artfully combined upcycle easy dresses. 

Shirt Dresses to put on and wear all day long are also a must have to make your clothing more sustainable and functional.  Most have roomy side pockets. Some are wrap dresses designed to tie at the side or pinned in place with a brooch. One is an open front designed as a tunic or can be wrapped. 

Most of all Transeasonal is about shopping for more than one occasion or one season.