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Work of Metamorphosis by Jon Tyson

The Vest

Voila, put one on! The rest is the best vest because it feels and looks really cute. Pretty much nine out of ten times the fact that it is structured and tailored adds to the flattering silhouette and comfort. The comfort you say is Wow! How does this look so good and feel so comfortable? 
Mary during a photo shoot

A Dinkerer’s Obsession Finds Work

Fortunately, I had a rich imaginary life as a kid. Always playing dress-up for every kind of game, usually carrying a doll with me. One of my earliest memories was making little felt coats for my troll dolls with my older sister. She laughed at me for drawing tiny outfits for dolls. Our bedroom became
The Bustier Vest is on a manequin


Hand sewing is easy!  Surprisingly how little of it anyone does anymore. It is a basic skill we could use all the time… for hemming? You would not believe how we all make excuses for not hemming something. It seems so hard. Well, I am here to tell you yes it takes a little time
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