Routines Evade Me!

Routines Evade Me!

Routines evade me. I love the inventiveness of the moment.

I love my cardboard box my cool Canon eosM50 camera came in! It is the perfect box height for most of my laptop work when I am sitting on a couch.  The high table in my workspace is also not quite high enough for standing with my laptop but I put my “printer raiser” on the table and then the cool box from my camera on top of that. The box is not too heavy, the right amount of black on one side (yay) no distractions from advertising on the other five sides. 

We all know you shouldn’t throw away the box your electronics come in for at least three months or ever? So I had it laying around advertising to the studio world I got a new camera, but now it is with me at all times for being the best computer holder stand. Maybe it’s not the best for my carpal tunnel but I love how it handles. I mean it is flexible on my lap when I am reclining which is how I start out every single day. 

Is it really? 

Routines evade me. Why am I so resistant to routine? I love the inventiveness of the moment.

My husband used to say such and such is always that way on Tuesdays or I can sleep in on Sundays. But I hardly knew the difference between certain days they all seemed a little chaotic. Maybe a little more routine could prevent that feeling?

Hence, I wanted an easy dinner on Fridays and would often wish for pizza. But people like my husband do not see the same type of routines that I do. He would say we always go to bed early on Mondays. 

I would see the first of the month as bill paying day or life check on the finances. I thought of Saturdays as cleaning days but instead usually did it on Thursday or Friday tempting my children with a work-free weekend if they helped out. 

I do have my minimal routines to be sure. I think taking medications teaches that, having a job with regular work hours, having kids, a spouse who wants to go out on dates, see family regularly. 

Old parents, one must call at least once a week, daily chores before the crack of dawn are who I have become. As a young parent breastfeeding was a regular thing but not a routine.

Now I must post something, make something, a tall order although I do it every day. I can not wait to do one or the other. But now I have gotten even better at planning those in advance. I use apps like Tailwind and many others to help in all those endeavors.

On top of those seeming obligations, there is always the thing that comes up, an old friend who calls that takes up valuable time you wouldn’t trade for anything.

Lovemaking evolves into the unexpected for a long time.

The kid who wants to spend the day with you.

The shopping and planning always for the “unexpected” fun get together.

The busy neighbor who drops in to say Hello or drop something off and stays for a while.

The other friend always goes straight to the backyard to tend something in the garden until you come out to greet him. 

The dog we take care of during the week being dropped off or picked up, but we never know exactly when? 

The endless cleaning, researching, reading, fixing, sprucing, and writing is what I do but is it a routine?