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    What you have been looking for all your life, an upcycle fashion tunic vest. Something to put on that’s comfortable and functional. It can be worn without a top underneath, or only a tank top. It is a layer so it can also go over dresses, t-shirts, sweaters, shirts, and adjusted for each of those with a two way zipper. Sometimes we add a waistline button upon request. It fastens quickly and easily for a really casual easy look.

    The pockets are deep or many and sometimes both. Requesting drop in pockets that start at the waist and can fit your shoes if going barefoot overcomes you, especially on the shore when running and not holding shoes is desirable. 

    The vests with shoulder pockets come in more handy than you can imagine. For me it is the perfect spot to stash my ear buds when I am on a plane, train or automobile. Let’s say you’re crammed in and just need your credit card or phone, those pockets work wonders. 

    It is surprising how well it can be dressed up with the right accessories such as with jewelry or any scarf. Wear it with leggings, jeans, or nice loose pants to dress it up. Shorts of all lengths and styles look great too. Unless you are the long skirt type?

    Most of all this vest is casual, understated, a work horse, yet very flattering with all the well fitting tailoring. 

    Because each piece is one-of-a-kind, they vary slightly in trims, fabric choice, and fabric placement. The featured images are representative of the actual piece that would be received. For more images of one in your specific size, please email us at

    Size Chart

    Material & Care
    99% natural fibers (cotton)
    Wash in cold water and light tumble dry.

    Reimagined in Orange County, CA

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