Salad Bowl Dress

Hand Tailored Deconstructed Clothing.

“Salad_bowl_(cultural_idea) a coexistence of different race, ethnic groups, and cultures with their own unique forms, like in a salad bowl, rather than requiring them to assimilate into the one created by the dominating majority, retaining their individuality.
— Anonymous

100% Handmade in Southern California

All our products on this site are handmade from upcycled clothing, and Deadstock from the fashion industry.

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Style Mission

Eco-friendly, California made clothing for the Creative, the Teacher, and Artist, who needs comfortable functional clothing made sustainable by keeping unwanted clothing out of the landfill.

We are persuing healthy lifestyles for all personkind.

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The Idea

Working for iconic fashion brands…

As a Designer/Patternmaker/Technical designer I saw the waste and hard work of many people in the fashion industry almost to everyone’s detriment.

I knew there was another way. One of working with confidence and kindness to those who made the goods throughout every aspect of production from the conception to the moment it lands on someone’s back.

It all started when... I had more clothes than I knew what to do with and nothing to wear.

Living in New York exposes one to the Arts in so many ways that when the creativity of the Deconstructed Fashion movement came on the scene, as I first saw it in a show at P.S. 1 art gallery in Queens, I embraced it all out. Twenty years later the upcycling movement has come full circle to the mainstream. It falls under the umbrella of the Slow Fashion movement or sustainable Eco-Fashion. One thing for sure is, it is better to have an investment in what we put on our backs. For the people making the quality clothing, the outcomes resonate with the consumer, giving the wearer a sense of ownership, and individuality.

The creativity afforded by the Deconstruction movement lead me to become an Artwear Artist. My work made its way into art exhibits, while I sold my wares at Artisinal Craft Shows, and Museum Gift Shops. I became an expert on recycled fashion and was asked to judge contests and the like, championing Eco-Fashion.

Always being enterprising, the scraps from cutting things up are used for collaged pillows, table runners , and slip covers. Hence, the Home Goods were born. The Bowl (the vessel, the home, interiors) in Salad Bowl Dress. 

Enjoy and be inspired.

-Mary Colmar, Designer

Participation In Artisanal Craft Fairs:    

OC Sustainable Living Fair

Orange County Marketplace

Chino Canvass

The Yorba Linda Inspired Market

The Gypsy Sisters Craft Faire

The Melrose Trading Post

The Great Park Farmers Market

Claremont Farmers and Artisanal Markets

La Verne Fresh Farmers Markets

   The Muckenthaler Craft Fairs

Scripps College Holiday Boutiques

Coastline Community College Artisanal Craft Fairs

Long Beach Green Long Beach Fashion Show And Fair

The Mercado-Csuf

Mission Viejo Imagination Days

San Juan Capistrano Art Fair Saturdays

The Fullerton College Craft Fair

The Ocean Charter School Craft Fairs

The Brea Nutcracker Suite Craft Fairs

Etsy LA Emporium


The Museum Of Art And History Gift Store    Lancaster, CA

Mageco   Fullerton, CA

The DA Museum Gift Store   Pomona, CA

CAFAM Museum Store   LA, CA

Olive’s Very Vintage    Brooklyn, NY