Hi, Salad Bowl Dressers,

Happy March, Happy International Women’s History Month! For all the powerful women out there and the men who comfort us, I thank you! Salad Bowl Dress is happy to be part of this month’s history (HERstory), empowering all women everywhere fighting for the mother we all share, the Mother Earth!

Riding this “Earth- ship” one day at a time it feels good to spread the message of love and gratitude when I see the smile of people wearing their new SBD vests. I’m happy to have shared these moments with each of you that have made a change to fight climate waste by being fashion-forward in wearing your upcycled SBD vests. Two inspiring SBD warriors teach us a little about how to let their fashion be part of their action:

Hearing about the intense work all of our teachers have been doing over the past year, I wanted to help at least one teacher in particular by giving her a vest. I always say they are for the teacher, creative, and worker.

Pam Keller is teaching multi-age K-3 students going from lockdown zoom classes, to doing in class and zoom. We see her wearing her Salad Bowl Dress vest inside what looks like a bubble as she takes on the brains of our children on this facebook/saladbowldress post. She is a reminder of all the hard-working, adaptable teachers caring for our kids as the backbone of our society through these times who I want to thank so much!

Now please meet the talented Emma Caltrider who has become the unofficial face of SBD. She has worn the SBD vests since graduating from high school. Always tagging us when she has had performances singing on stage or galavanting around NYC in days of yore. She graciously models for us now. Always showing her care for fellow humankind performing songs or yoga classes on her Instagram, and youtube channel @Emma_andthe_BrightSouls, and acknowledging her privilege as a white woman. She is definitely a hero. 

Finally, the first day of Spring felt like the world was coming back from the dead and I sure hope so.

SaladBowlDress at Claremont Farmers market is happening around the third Sunday every month now. See you there this Sunday March 28.

On the website we have new Free Sustainable Fashion Guides for your wardrobe enjoyment and entertainment.


We are starting to open up the SBD store on Thursdays starting soon, until then you may call for an appointment. 

Salad Bowl Dress has been a grassroots business that’s been lucky to be fertilized by a very cool community since our beginning. As SBD has spread to higher heights and the SBD brand grows, I’d love to know more about your experience with our clothes so we can help make our community a little cozier.

What is your favorite feature?

What would you like to see more of?

March 9th was International Women’s Day so don’t forget to show your love and respect for mother earth by tagging your SBD @saladbowldress  clothes to show off your waist rather than putting waste in the atmosphere by purchasing unethically sourced clothes that contribute to higher carbon emissions. What do I mean? 

See the blog  Fashion and Climate Change Blog here.

History is written about wars fought and cities built, let’s make Herstory about Compassion revitalized and kindness breaking barriers. What do you want “Herstory” to represent? I would love to hear your testimonials of what Salad Bowl Dress means to you and what you’ll do to celebrate the female past present and future during this month.

Thanks so much in advance, 

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Warm Love,

Mary Colmar