Transeasonal Dresses – Perfect for early Spring – For a year around style to have Sustainable Fashion 

Look closely through the blurry pictures into your imagination of waking up one morning in April wearing one of these artfully combined upcycle easy dresses. 

Shirt Dresses to put on and wear all day long are also a must-have to make your clothing more sustainable and functional.  Most have roomy side pockets. Some are wrap dresses designed to tie at the side or pinned in place with a brooch. One is an open front designed as a tunic or can be wrapped.

We can deliver in one to two days! Flat rate shipping only 7.00 

The dresses are all different sizes and one size fits most! The specs or measurements are on each style description. Full returns acceptable. 

A few styles look really well belted or with a “belly” bag, I can provide one Kelly green variety. 

If for any reason alterations are necessary, the waist desired at a different point is really the only one?! I can guide you, or do it for you.