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Frequently Asked Questions…


1)Why don’t you make aprons?

Idk, except my pieces, especially the vests are almost like aprons or something that can be worn to do work a little more utilitarian in style. 


2)Why don’t you make t-shirts?

  • I do on occasion but I leave that to someone who makes new clothes, I do use t-shirts in my other creations like the knit in the side of a blouse for stretch.
  • Or the bottom of a denim and T-shirt skirt for total comfort.
  • Once I tried selling cheap t-shirts from Target at the same price in my store because that is what I wore under the vests that I made.
  • I thought my customer would appreciate the whole outfit.
  • Leggings and t-shirts always worked well with all my pieces. –See Pact basics.

Yes, I tried getting some manufactured for my brand, by Printable’s once.



3)When are you going to have corsets?

  •  I love making them but they’re too sized.
  • Right now I really focus on one size fits most, although that might be hard to see.

But I have had some huge clothes fit the more ample women and a little person from Japan would try it on and walk away thrilled.


4) Why are there not smaller sizes?

  •  I am a large woman.
  • The smaller sizes have a lot of choices.
  • I am not equipped to size down my stuff enough at this stage.

It is a terrible lack of business acumen.

I love all sizes!


5) When are you going to make an A-line skirt?

I do all the time, see?


6) Why don’t you sell cut off shorts?

  •  Just Do It yourself, said a famous brand. (Nike)
  • I am in the business of making a living.
  • I have made the shorts and sold them for ten-thirty dollars.

The creativity is not as gratifying, and there go perfectly good pieces I could add to another garment.

7) Do you shop at thrift stores and goodwill all the time to get all your clothes?

Nope, See this blog where I write that clothes grow on trees.




8) Where did you learn your color sense?

  • My mother is an artist who encouraged me to creatively.
  • No formal Art training, just fashion design school for technical stuff.
  • Inherently creative?
  • Frequent art museums my whole life starting from a very young age.
  • Plus always had art materials around and no problem making a mess in our home growing up.


9) Your stitches are not the best why?

  • I know I am shamefully not particular about the stitches but I am about the fit and quality if that makes sense?
  • My pockets are always going to have tacking stitches at the openings and the zipper is reinforced.

I once had to do the tailoring for one famous actors’ tuxedo. I could not sew the armhole seams on my crapy machine but I based it perfectly by hand for the next person to sew it in.

Typical of my style, a lot gets basted and needs a little refinement.

My contractors love that I stitch a lot of pieces together so they can see how they fit together, then their job is to clean finish the armholes, necklines, hems, seams, and zippers perfectly.


10) Why do they cost so much or how can you sell them for so cheap?

  •  That is why for years I was kind of grouping all the pieces together into one price.
  • The easier pieces bankrolled the more expensive pieces and vice versa.
  • Kind of like pay what you can afford situation with the vests.

The expensive pieces were so expensive for taking so much time and with better fabrics sewn more carefully with better hardware and maybe better design, no one would ever pay that much or afford them.

So they all became the same price.

It is virtually impossible to put a price on each style.

So that is what it is.


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