Wearing an upcycled shirt.

My name is Mary Colmar, and I make deconstructed clothing. It is something I have always done. Making exactly what I want with what is lying around: tons of unwearable clothing. Sometimes when people do this it can look kind of ridiculous, but it also shows so much creativity.

It is streetwear to the essence although it does not consist of traditional skatewear. My peeps wear it for working at play. It is always durable, functional with hidden pockets, and the like. Always cut to flatter all sexes. My fashions can be custom made pretty well, too.

Men's Sustainable Vest Men’s Vest with CF zipper and double big pockets to hold a lot of stuff.

The story behind all this began as I worked in the fashion industry in NYC first as a designer, then a patternmaker/technical designer all while raising three kids. I bagged a job where I only worked four days a week about 36 hours which enabled me to create on my own and be around for my community and family.

You could imagine the kind of clothing we all needed and just not found. Something we could wear from the playground to the city, with pockets for drinks, keys, and phone. Something like what all streetwear needs.

Jean wearing her upcycle vest for all its versatility.Sustainable Four Pocket Vest

But I had tons of clothes kids were outgrowing that I became sentimental about and wanted to get more wear out of too. So, I made stuff, and my neighborhood intervened and told me to get a studio of my own in Brooklyn. That lasted for six glorious months.

Then I moved to the suburbs of So Cal. It was different but still found a way to make clothes, hats, and the ultimate vest to wear all the time, on a bike, to the beach, as the casual item to go around anywhere. #nopursenecessary

sustainable clothing

As a mom, I was pulled in lots of directions most of all to care for the family. The family grows and succeeds gratefully and the living room became my studio, ramped up from the garage but time to move into the massive warehouse where I will collect and sort clothing, follow tech packs for how to cut pieces and manufacture in Santa Ana, CA, L.A, and possibly Ethiopia, so far.

The Bicycle vest with two way zipper.

The community I have created with my work revolves around art and social work. Music is fast becoming part of it as my customers are wearing my clothing to perform on stage. My family are an influence and part of the empire. As artists and scientists I see my brand as a solution to keeping clothing out of the landfill with endless possibilities for products. #noclothesinthelandfill

Living Room Studio

Salad Bowl Dress Studio

Right now, we make t-shirt bags, hats, dresses, blouses, jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, and lots of vests of every stripe. Our mode of distribution is through the artisanal farmers market, Melrose, Claremont, Newport Beach, and at museum gift shops: The Da, L.A. Museum of Craft, Museum of Art and History.

Our customers try to be the first ones to buy when we open and often we cannot keep up with demand. We see our product/service growing beyond the one-off and have plans in motion to scale up, accomplish the imminent mass production.

Romainian Fabric Vests

Often, people need help with small things to make their clothing wearable and we would like to be a part of that education process.  We would like to focus on the family of whatever form that takes, and design. Our wish is that we make people comfortable in their own skin, helping pursue their activities.

Get Your Dressing On!