Salad Bowl Dress

Hand Tailored Deconstructed Clothing.


Green Monday

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Green Monday is today which I automatically interpreted as shopping for greener products but it is actually about shipping time before X-mas to make some green before it is too late.

If only it was the time everyone bought green goods, products that help the planet and the quality of life for all.

Today there is an Upcycle Summit in downtown LA, The Inaugural Upcycle Gathering featuring a litany of people determined to help the planet through innovative ideas focusing on upcycling in construction, agriculture(compost) and commerce.  The tagline for the summit is how to keep everything out of the landfill.

The Fall Blouse.

Fashion, Blog, newsletterMary Colmar

The Blouse is perfect for casual comfort. 

The Blouse is made from those shirts in the back of your closet doing their best to be kept out of the landfill. All the blouses are cut for simple comfort and artful color combinations. There are no two alike but all are uniquely the same. 

Jane looks so cute we had to put her here!