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Green Monday

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Green Monday is today which I automatically interpreted as shopping for greener products but it is actually about shipping time before X-mas to make some green before it is too late.

If only it was the time everyone bought green goods, products that help the planet and the quality of life for all.

Today there is an Upcycle Summit in downtown LA, The Inaugural Upcycle Gathering featuring a litany of people determined to help the planet through innovative ideas focusing on upcycling in construction, agriculture(compost) and commerce.  The tagline for the summit is how to keep everything out of the landfill. (Germany is already way ahead on this, with practically zero)

I know this summit seems right up my alley, well I only heard about it on Thursday and weighed dropping everything and spending the last minute attendee cost to go, but I have too much going on at this time of year and need a little more lead time.

Learning about the organizations and people involved is tantamount to going and I am now connected with , the, a guy named Sky who wrote Turning Conscious Fashion Into a Lifestyle – Sky Gilbar –, whose article links to tons of brands and industry leaders. Then there is the and more than I would probably learn more about at the summit.  One thing I have decerned from all this research from this summit is that we/I have to scream from the rafters that we are keeping clothing out of the landfill when we donate or buy from an upcycle company.

There is so much going on but kind of related is I am preparing for is the LA Fashion Week next February. The Vegan Runway show has asked me to participate since I do not use leather, wool, cotton or silk from an original source. Peta wants only organican cotton in the world, no silk, wool or leather (obviously). The alternatives are all man-made fakes better than the real thing without torturing animals or insects.

On the last note, related to insects or Buddhism, I received a gold-leafed Buddha Leaf X-mas present by the artist Stacey Fetterman at the Southern California Artist Gift exchange party. It looks like an ancient tree like the Ginkgo. A leaf to learn about.

buddha leaf