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The Fall Blouse.

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Hello, How are you?  Just checking in with a new class and a new website. Mary

The Blouse is perfect for casual comfort. 

The Blouse is made from those shirts in the back of your closet doing their best to be kept out of the landfill. All the blouses are cut for simple comfort and artful color combinations. There are no two alike but all are uniquely the same. 

Jane looks so cute we had to put her here!

New Skillshare Class

How to Make a ShirtDress with Clothes You Already Own

View similar One-Off Shirt Dress products adding new products every week on the Salad Bowl Dress site with a whole new look.

Looking forward to the Holidays!

A New Website Owl Dress

We now have leggings and t-shirts with a lot of fun prints like our logo print we have all been waiting for.

Owl Dress site for Bird Leggings too.

Please join me tomorrow at St. Paul's Rummage Sale 
111 W. Las Palmas Drive, Fullerton, CA 92835 Lots of fun gifts!
Saturday, Nov.10th from  8-1pm

We will see you again this year at the Muck on Dec. 16 for the Holiday Festival!

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