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Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

Interiors, Family, DIYMary Colmar

Thinking about all the quick fun decorating projects I have done, usually before the Holidays, I found this unpublished blog. The wall is still a lot of fun with the quote, “Creation or Consumption, does that make me a cannibal or a can of bull?” Not worth photographing, but I will when someone writes or draws something new.

The chalkboard paint was going over big in the teenagers room so I thought we should have the little wall in the kitchen painted. The little wall should have been demolished years ago, so why not be made into a chalk board. I would right down my orders and photo lists besides quickly right down recipes and quotes to keep my business moving forward. It was easy and cheap. Looks great! Is fun! And can add a new decor to the kitchen faster than new curtains and hot pads. 

The edge goes over the corner one inch to make a ruler on the wall. As yet to be drawn in.