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The Boyfriend Pillow

DIYMary Colmar

I love everything about this pillow. It is super cute, functional, as a headrest, a friend, and so much more. Fun in that it is only a pillow, thank you. Almost as sweet as a real boyfriend, to a teenager. 

Step one: Find a mans shirt. 

Step two: Make a fat "D" shape pillow for the inside of the shirt. Do not connect the bottom of the "D" where it connects to the straight side . It should be cut wide at the straight side, same width as the half of a shirt, and about half that width for the round part of the "D" for the arm shape. See photo below.

Step three: Stuff and sew opening closed.  

Step four: Sew three stitches on the end of the "D" for the fingers. 

Step five: Cut shirt in half from the center front an inch away from the buttons, leaving the neckline intack. Turn inside out to sew one seam. 

Step six: Put pillow arm inside shirt and viola it is girlfriend ready.

Finished Hug
Getting him ready.
The shape is kind of a Capitol D