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Family Holiday

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Kay and Heather

A holiday weekend with family usually means family art days. Either making art or going to museums, galleries, lobbies, sculpture gardens, and private collections. It also means going to movies, seeing photo slide shows, the latest video, podcast, comedian, TV show, and then discussing the periodicals, blogs and of course it is always better to be reading something worth talking about.

This past Thanksgiving weekend lasted until Monday, and its Tuesday, and no wonder my little family is tired. It was a lot of fun.

Making art was on the agenda. The best thing was getting my mother off the hook to do collage at her house, to instead, as stroke of genius, help her by coming up with one of about fifty projects I have /had ready for the willing nieces, kids, sister, brother in-law, and mother to work on.

We tiled. I had luan boards already cut to the correct size for new back splashes in my kitchen and some extras for people to take home or if willing, make for my bathrooms. My mother had some old dishes, and I just ended up using those funky state plates sitting in an unused cupboard. Breaking the dishes proved a perfect job for my helpful brother in-law.

We were all novices, but no slouches to creativity. Everyone went to work like it was a race and everyone finished theirs and helped the others until they were all done. Any crazy suggestions like gluing a serving dish to one were welcomed with agreement it would work.

It went over well for me because I trust the artistic license of my family, ever tasteful and ingenious. We had a great time. But the pressure is on to do the next step of grout. Christmas can’t come soon enough.

So you would think maybe people would help then with grout, but no way. I am expected to be so all over the tile project, have it hanging, and beautiful. Because a decorated home is the only reason to entertain or is it entertaining is the only reason to clean. And decorate.