Salad Bowl Dress

Hand Tailored Deconstructed Clothing.

Green Monday

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Green Monday is today which I automatically interpreted as shopping for greener products but it is actually about shipping time before X-mas to make some green before it is too late.

If only it was the time everyone bought green goods, products that help the planet and the quality of life for all.

Today there is an Upcycle Summit in downtown LA, The Inaugural Upcycle Gathering featuring a litany of people determined to help the planet through innovative ideas focusing on upcycling in construction, agriculture(compost) and commerce.  The tagline for the summit is how to keep everything out of the landfill.

Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

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The chalkboard paint was going over big in the teenagers room so I thought we should have the little wall in the kitchen painted. The little wall should have been demolished years ago, so why not be made into a chalk board. I would right down my orders and photo lists besides quickly right down recipes and quotes to keep my business moving forward. It was easy and cheap. Looks great! Is fun! And can add a new decor to the kitchen faster than new curtains and hot pads. 

The Fall Blouse.

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The Blouse is perfect for casual comfort. 

The Blouse is made from those shirts in the back of your closet doing their best to be kept out of the landfill. All the blouses are cut for simple comfort and artful color combinations. There are no two alike but all are uniquely the same. 

Jane looks so cute we had to put her here!

About Page Ended Up Here

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It all started when...


Working my whole adult life in the fashion industry as a Designer/Patternmaker/Technical Designer for iconic fashion brands is where I learned the skills.

The creativity afforded by the deconstruction movement lead me to become an Artwear Artist. My work made its way into art exhibits while I sold my wares at Artisinal Craft Shows, and Museum Gift Shops. I became an expert on recycled fashion and was asked to judge contests and the like. 

Spend a Saturday Night with Art.

Mary Colmar

One of the best Artisanal Craft fairs offering art for sale besides hand made artisinal jewelry, home goods, wall art, and clothing! Coinciding with an inclusionary gallery exhibit. If you use a Ribba frame from my favorite store IKEA, you can exhibit. I encourage anyone who would like to show their work to enter. 

Ribba 4.jpg

First Newsletter of the Year with more opportunities inside.

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The new year is on its way and is proving to be an interesting time in America. On another note we have had rain in California that I love. But all that aside I would like to thank all of you who have purchased clothes from me. You seem to share a kindred spirit or simply a love of fashion and I am grateful. Thanks to those of you who have stopped by the studio to check things out and see the latest creations. One new customer wants to buy one a month. 

The Boyfriend Pillow

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I love everything about this pillow. It is super cute, functional, as a headrest, a friend, and so much more. Fun in that it is only a pillow, thank you. Almost as sweet as a real boyfriend, to a teenager. 

Step one: Find a mans shirt. 

Step two: Make a fat "D" shape pillow for the inside of the shirt. Do not connect the bottom of the "D" where it connects to the straight side . It should be cut wide at the straight side, same width as the half of a shirt, and about half that width for the round part of the "D" for the arm shape. See photo below.

Step three: Stuff and sew opening closed.  

Step four: Sew three stitches on the end of the "D" for the fingers. 

Step five: Cut shirt in half from the center front an inch away from the buttons, leaving the neckline intack. Turn inside out to sew one seam. 

Step six: Put pillow arm inside shirt and viola it is girlfriend ready.

Finished Hug
Getting him ready.
The shape is kind of a Capitol D

Holidays are Approaching...and so are the College Applications

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Seriously, if anyone wants some free advise on applying for college, comment below.

Today I am thinking about all the great ideas I have for the holidays. Pretty much every year there is one silly big project. This year I am going to paint a ton of tall bottles from my mother in law's downsizing days. I could not bare to throw them all away because they really are exceptional.

Another is of course a new wreath. I make at least one every year because they're irresistable.

The zipper tree how-to. 

Stockings, stockings, stockings are an adiction. 

Pillows are always super fun. I have the "boyfriend" pillow which makes a really great birthday present. All the pillows look original especially with one ruffle down the side pillow and of course; can not forget how wonderful slipcovers are especially this time of year. Did anyone say new and cozy at the same time?

We really want to bake lots of cookies this year. We say that every year but not really my thing, though I always make one batch. Bread is a more of a tradition for all the neighbors gifts, I don't know why?