A vest made with an old pair of Levis
A vest made with an old pair of Levis
What we made with an old pair of Levis

We believe in Slow fashion. The kind of sustainable fashion that fits well and always looks good season after season, transeasonal.

At SaladBowlDress we take all the clothes surplus and make deconstructed clothing, we strategically cut up the originals and see them in a different way. 

We like to make functional pieces that have an artful and utilitarian component. Artful as in imperfect, fun, free, expressive, put together in a new way on purpose. Utilitarian in that many of our clothes can be worn as a layer for warmth, or something to throw on so you are instantly put together within its many capacities, for its use as holding a lot of stuff, instead of carrying a bag.

Need clothes to put on every day to extend throughout your day always looking put together but not too formal or stuffy?

Are you looking for comfortable clothes that fit just right?

Lettuce “Let Us” helps you find your individual style. With your donations and our quick turnaround, you can have a new well-fitting utilitarian vest made from clothes you no longer wear into a garment to throw on when you want some comfort, more style, or just a pocket or two, and it’s going to be around a while, to a long time. 

Do you wish you could throw on a utility vest to wear in your busy life with pockets for your keys, phone, wallet, glasses, and earbuds? And not look like you are going mountain climbing but look good running errands, going to lunch, and then ready for that presentation!

Seriously, that is what my days are like. Switching glasses, looking at screens, and need quick access to my phone, lipstick, and a pen without having a bag kicking all around.

I have been deconstructing clothes my whole life even if I didn’t know what it was called. The benefit of being the youngest of five children, I had many hand-me-downs to alter, or wear a different way. Now, as the mother of three, and married to an artist I find versatility a necessity in our lives.

The name SaladBowlDress is from the sociological term Salad Bowl as a metaphor of inclusion in society, keeping one’s culture, tossed up in a salad compared to a melting pot where we are all the same, and Dress is what we put on.

The four pocket fertile vest will save the planet.
The four pocket vest will save the planet with its upcycle pockets.

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