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The Autumn/Winter ‘21-’22 + Spring/Summer ‘22 Fashion Forecast

by Magic Sourcing Trends Digital Discovery Session,  is a validation of everything we here at SaladBowlDress stand for…  In a few words making hand-tailored deconstructed clothing for the masses with clothing that would otherwise end up in a landfill or worse, is right on-trend. I was pleasantly surprised by how much SaladBowlDress represents all the core tenets of the forecast next year.  The four major trends: 1. Prioritize functional Trans SEASONality (not to be confused with transsexuality) 2. Focused on refined craft 3. Promote day to night versatility  4. Create timeless appeal with classic heritage… Read More »The Autumn/Winter ‘21-’22 + Spring/Summer ‘22 Fashion Forecast

HAND SEWING IS SLOW FASHION (some inspiration)

Hand sewing is easy!  Surprisingly how little of it anyone does anymore. It is a basic skill we could use all the time… for hemming? You would not believe how we all make excuses for not hemming something. It seems so hard. Well, I am here to tell you yes it takes a little time but it is also very gratifying. How easy would it be to make a small seam if we only thought of it as something we do as a basic skill like any of the others?  If there is a rip… Read More »HAND SEWING IS SLOW FASHION (some inspiration)


Of course, I had to make money the artist/mom way all these years, not the business way. I made one-off goods to sell. Many customers became my friends and owned multiple garments, then COVID hit. This year may have been my biggest year yet. I finally had my own studio again after ten years of intermittently working from home. I have the product, a few employees, person to person sales, wonderful Farmer’s Market venues and Artisan venues, fashion show recognition, although not any editorials simply for the lack of trying. I was going to make… Read More »WHY WRITE A BLOG?

Mary standing in front of a map of the planet with a heart on it.


COMBATTING “GREENWASHING” WITH TRANSPARENCY Fashion and Climate change couldn’t be a more timely subject. Click on the letters below to see the presentation I gave for Sustainable Living. Many of the links in this piece are available on the slideshow. -SLIDE SHOW FOR FASHION AND CLIMATE CHANGE BY MARY COLMAR- The fashion industry was poised before the pandemic to make some changes. Away from producing so much fast fashion products while making less of a carbon footprint.  But after the impact of the global pandemic happened on the economy, the role of the fashion industry in the… Read More »FASHION AND CLIMATE CHANGE


Is climate change causing the coldest winter on record in Texas since the 1890s? Dr. Shahir Masri a Master in Environmental Sciences elucidates misconceptions about greenhouse gas emissions and offers insight into his research in his new book Beyond Debate. One degree or so seems like no big deal. Some areas are getting cooler and some warmer. Variability is enormous. Across the polar caps it is about 10 degrees different. At the peaks and troughs. How are they changing over time? Average is a scientific metric, not very useful to the average person. Nevertheless, to… Read More »IS CLIMATE CHANGE CAUSING THE COLDEST WINTER?