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Modeled by the lovely Emma

Emma denim black purple double zipper

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Routines Evade Me!

Routines Evade Me!

Routines evade me. I love the inventiveness of the moment. I love my cardboard box my cool Canon eosM50 camera came in! It is the perfect box height for most of my laptop work when I am sitting on a couch.  The high table in my workspace is also not quite high enough...

Fashion and Climate Change

Fashion and Climate Change

Combatting “Greenwashing” with Transparency Fashion and Climate change couldn’t be a more timely subject. Click on the letters below to see the presentation I gave for Sustainable Living. Many of the links in this piece are available on the slideshow. -Slide show for...

More Pressing Matters

More Pressing Matters

It has been over a year since I moved out of the living room into the new studio. Although we didn’t get a chance to have a big opening party in the new digs. Honestly too, at first, it was such a mess to move and there was so much to do last Fall that I thought the...

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